Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

Issues with Yahoo and its resolutions

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Yahoo is an multinational company with its headquarters at USA.It is globally known for its web portal along with a variety of services such as search engine(Yahoo Search) and related services which includes Yahoo Directory and Yahoo Mail and many other services.

Sometimes it may happen that you may be facing numerous amount of problem while dealing with your Yahoo account.Mention below are some of the problems that you may be facing along with the solutions:

1.     Loading issues or say you are getting loading errors - In order to resolve this issues,first of all you need to check your internet connection or if that doesn’t work you need to rest the pin.

2.     Your Yahoo is working very slow In this case you need to clear out the cache memory and the cookies.This will hopefully solve your problem.

3.     Links or buttons aren’t working in your account - In this case,remove the exceptions in your browser ,close and then restart again your browser.

4.     Your settings are not getting saved - In this case you need to troubleshoot your problem  by browsing on support.yahoo.com and resolve your issue.

5.     Your browser gets stuck in an endless redirect loop - In this case, close your browser and then try again after sometimes.

6.     You are not being able to download a particular mail - If you are not being able to download a particular mail then there may issues with your internet connection.

7.     You have lost the password and not being able to recover it - In this case, you need to click on “Forgot my password” and click on recovery steps.

In case you are facing any of the above issues and unable to solve or any other issues related to your account then you can take help of Yahoo customer service phone number.